Below you can listen to the explosive interview of Chaplain Yasir Qadhi where he seems to denounce Salafi Islam as intransigent, intolerant, unable to deal with modernity, and unable to stimulate intellectually. Chaplain Qadhi states: “20 years ago when I was a teenager I definitely would have self-identified as a Salafi Muslim but over the course of the last decade or so I’ve kind of sort of grown out of the movement now”.

He also discusses concepts such as Jihad, politics, turning in questionable Muslims to authorities, and the political manifestation of Salafism in the form of Wahhabism.

From a historical context this interview will be a crucial mile marker in the evolution of neo-Islam in America. We urge you to listen to the whole interview because fairness dictates that we listen to all of his words in the proper context.


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Salafi Islam – Yasir Qadhi Speaks
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