Gender Pay Inequality: Should Men Earn more than Women?


The topic of gender pay inequality has been hitting the news waves in America recently. The timing is purely political. With midterm elections around the corner the Democrats have cleverly pushed this on the agenda to curry favour with female voters and to put Republicans on the defensive. The charge is that women don’t earn as much as men do. Democrats want equal pay for women. But do they More >


Banana Bread & Pineapples of Hawaii


As I lay on the hotel bed I realized Hawaii smelt like Asia. Every continent I visited had a unique olfactory marker. Sometimes every country has a unique scent tied to its climate and soil. Hawaii was populated almost as early as 300 AD and again in around 1300 by Tahitians. The Japanese had an influence on the Polynesian island as well and today pours in a good chunk of tourism dollars. A More >


Dr. Self-Love or: How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


This article is a continuation of a previous article entitled The Secret Habit.

Shaykhul Islam Dr. Yasir Qadhi proclaimed: “My position on masturbation is exactly the same as Imam Ash-Shawkani and many of the scholars before and after him. Their stance was: there is nothing in our Shari’ah which prohibits masturbation.

This article is in three parts: 1. The reports of Ibn `Umar (RA), Ibn `Abbas More >


The Odd Nature of the Crusaders


Ibn Munqidh was a Syrian courtier and writer who fought against the crusaders in the 12th century along with Salahuddin. But he also managed to befriend a few of the crusaders and he described their nature in his fascinating memoirs (Kitaab al-I’tibaar), snippets of which are reproduced below: Mysterious are the works of the Creator, the Author of all things! When one comes to recount cases More >


Women – the Greatest Temptation


The following is a translated sermon of Shaykh Muḥammad Ibn Ṣāliḥ al-‘Uthaymīn – the greatest jurist Allah blessed the Muslims with in the last century. He delivered this sermon from the pulpit on Friday to the masses and the original title was “The Woman is the greatest temptation and What are the Man’s Responsibilities towards a Woman.” After the Shaykh passed away when his wife was interviewed More >


Leave the Rich Alone


Imams in the USA have a habit of attacking the rich for their supposedly offensive amounts of wealth and they tout the Islamic values of sharing the wealth with those lesser well off than you. This stems from a serious misunderstanding by the Imams of the role the wealthy play in society today.

Generally the wealthiest individuals are also employers of millions of workers. Those workers in turn More >


The Wife of a Shaykh


The wives of scholars and preachers to Islam are often tested. Typically the wives of eastern scholars are much more patient, understanding, grateful, and proud of their scholar husbands. In the west however the situation is a bit different because of the groupie phenomenon. Let us hear what the wives of Ashyaakh have to say in their own words.

Wife of Shaykh # 1:

As a wife of a Shaykh who More >


How to Escape being Seduced by a Beautiful Woman


One of the seven categories of men who will find shade on the Day of Judgment is the one who defeats his soul’s intense yearning to respond to a beautiful woman. He is the one who compels himself to escape seduction. It is no secret that a beautiful woman can captivate men, hypnotize them, and can cause their intelligence to evaporate. In the piece below renowned Muslim scholar ibn Hazm describes More >


A Woman’s Enduring Love


A woman’s love comes in many forms. Sometimes her love manifests itself as love for her companion. Other times it is love for her brothers or sons or other ties of consanguinity. But few women have been able to express their canyon-deep love for male figures as al-Khansā’ did. In so doing she became the most famous Arab poetess and elegist in history.

Tumāḍir bint ʿAmr ibn al-Sharīd or al-Khansā’ More >


The Excellence of Books


(Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Kitaab al-Hayawanaat by noted 8th century belletrist ‘Amr ibn Bahr al-Jahiz who was one of the most eloquent Arabs in history. This rendition was translated by D.M. Hawke. More details can be found in The Life and Works of Jahiz by Charles Pellat. If anything al-Jahiz made a wonderful case for why reading is one of the best avocations. In our age More >

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