How American Muslim Women can Get Married


Previously we covered an important topic of concern to western Muslim females: Why American Muslim Women cannot get Married. There were several reasons posited based on an informal survey and we only discussed the last reason at length while leaving the rest for a future discussion. Today we discuss how Muslim women in America, who are struggling to find mates, can get married.

For starters, our More >


Cry me a Twitter – the Scourge of Celebrity Shaykhs


Professor Jamie Tehrani, a social anthropologist at Durham University, convincingly explains the underpinnings of our collective fawning over celebrities. We humans, being the ultimate social creature, cannot but confer upon those with special skills or looks or talents a certain prestige. With that prestige comes power. A magnetic draw. The prestige we confer upon them is a tacit social contract More >


Ramadan Fatwas: Q & A part 2


This is a continuation of the post entitled Ramadan Fatwas: Commonly Asked Questions & Answers.  Note that the questioners are asking about obligatory fasting in Ramadan unless otherwise noted. Does One who does Not Fast Become a Disbeliever (Kaafir) Q: Is the one who does not fast, even though he is not ill or anything, become a kaafir, despite performing his (obligatory) prayers? A: One who More >


Ramadan Fatwas: Commonly Asked Questions & Answers


The following Q&A is intended for Muslims fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Making the Intention Every Day for Fasting

Q: Sometimes I fast without making an intention when starting the fast. So is making the intention every day a condition for fasting or is it sufficient to make one intention at the start of the month?

A: Fasting and other acts of worship are from those acts which must be More >


Mate Selection: the Laws of Attraction


Mate selection in mammals is driven by judgments surrounding gene propagation. Put another way the male and female both evaluate each other in terms of how the other can help perpetuate their respective genetic lines into the future thus allowing them to “live on” even after their death. The female mammal seeks a male who can mate with her successfully, protect her through gestation, and then More >


The Double Standards in Dealing with Sons & Daughters


A certain quote attributed (falsely?) to Ghazali “If I have a son then I have to worry about one boy. If I have a daughter I have to worry about all the boys on Earth.” That’s a sentiment which many share. As soon as a daughter is born the father is worried constantly about protecting her and marrying her off so that the family honour is protected. Any wayward behaviour of any kind is bound to More >


Gender Pay Inequality: Should Men Earn more than Women?


The topic of gender pay inequality has been hitting the news waves in America recently. The timing is purely political. With midterm elections around the corner the Democrats have cleverly pushed this on the agenda to curry favour with female voters and to put Republicans on the defensive. The charge is that women don’t earn as much as men do. Democrats want equal pay for women. But do they More >


Dr. Self-Love or: How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


This article is a continuation of a previous article entitled The Secret Habit.

Shaykhul Islam Dr. Yasir Qadhi proclaimed: “My position on masturbation is exactly the same as Imam Ash-Shawkani and many of the scholars before and after him. Their stance was: there is nothing in our Shari’ah which prohibits masturbation.

This article is in three parts: 1. The reports of Ibn `Umar (RA), Ibn `Abbas More >


The Odd Nature of the Crusaders


Ibn Munqidh was a Syrian courtier and writer who fought against the crusaders in the 12th century along with Salahuddin. But he also managed to befriend a few of the crusaders and he described their nature in his fascinating memoirs (Kitaab al-I’tibaar), snippets of which are reproduced below: Mysterious are the works of the Creator, the Author of all things! When one comes to recount cases More >


Women – the Greatest Temptation


The following is a translated sermon of Shaykh Muḥammad Ibn Ṣāliḥ al-‘Uthaymīn – the greatest jurist Allah blessed the Muslims with in the last century. He delivered this sermon from the pulpit on Friday to the masses and the original title was “The Woman is the greatest temptation and What are the Man’s Responsibilities towards a Woman.” After the Shaykh passed away when his wife was interviewed More >

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